Michael and Kendall were always destined to meet each other having lived down the street and attending the same high school together. However, it was not until years later that fate would bring them together in their hometown and the rest is history. Kendall and Michael married in the summer of 2018. Both of them grew up in happy, healthy, loving, and sport-driven homes. They recognize they are very fortunate to be where they are today. Without the love and support of their families, nothing would be possible.

Kendall is in her ninth season with the United Sates Women’s National Ice Hockey Team, second with the Minnesota Whitecaps, and Michael is in his fifth season in the National Football League and second with the Los Angeles Chargers.


While sport has provided them with endless amount of opportunities, including meeting each other, their love and passion for helping others is unparalleled to their talent in sport. Since their first date in 2014, Kendall and Michael both dreamed of starting a foundation. Together, they have created The Schofield Family Foundation which is dedicated to providing funding, support, and awareness to improve the lives of others in our beloved communities. Those include: military, first responders, youth sports organizations, families in need and furthering the advancement of education and research.

Michael and Kendall are grateful for all of the love and support from their family, friends and fans. Thank you for supporting the Schofield Family Foundation.